Our corporate team is composed of accomplished leaders from around the world. With outstanding international hospitality management experience, we have unique credentials. We are proud enthusiasts who work together to ensure that decisions made by AJH promote fairness, financial transparency and accountability. By combining the highest global standards with local expertise we deliver superior results. We have the ability to react quickly to markets, changes and challenges. Grounded in a tradition of reliability, trust and never-ending desire to succeed, the company’s highly-accountable leadership is actively involved in its day-to-day operations.

Through the combined efforts of our highly experienced team and innovative approach, we offer a unique blend of entrepreneurship, operational expertise, in-depth management systems, excellent human resource management, technical services, sales and marketing support and strategic creative guidance in developing concepts.

We combine our extensive resources with responsiveness and dexterity that allows our services to succeed in highly competitive environments. This enables us to enhance operating performance which in turn helps us to optimize financial returns.

Staff Training

Gerald Fonseka
General Manager
Ishaq Saeed Al Hasbi
Quality Assurance & Training Manager
Abdur Rahim Abdullah
IT Manager
Fatima Abdullah
Al Jarwani
Head of Sales
Fatima Ismail Abdul
Rahim Al Balushi
HR Manager
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