spotless cleaning

Spotless Cleaning is a contract cleaning brand providing an expert service demanding world of commercial cleaning in Oman. We are specialized in bespoke property services and high end corporate events with a strong focus on personal service to ensure we meet our client’s expectations every time. We supply cleaning services to a mix of commercial clients, from daily cleaning for large corporates to smaller businesses requiring less frequent cleaning.

Our Services

Window cleaning, stripping and sealing of hard floors, crowd management infection control and waste management.

Our Mission

To provide to our customers a level of service unequaled in the cleaning industry. To provide every SPOTLESS Cleaning Franchisee the opportunity to be successful in a business of their own. To create a cooperative atmosphere in all areas that reflects the personality of a successful, vibrant and enthusiastic company. To develop an organization that will encourage all people to prosper and grow totheir full potential.

Spotless Green Cleaning

SPOTLESS Cleaning specializes in green cleaning and our green cleaning services are available upon request. Our logo is not the only thing green about SPOTLESS Cleaning, our chemicals and services are as well. We understand cleaning chemicals and the cleaning process affects the indoor environmental quality of a facility. Research has shown that improving environmental quality increases performance and productivity, prevents absenteeism, and reduces building-related health concerns.

With SPOTLESS Cleaning, green cleaning technology and maintenance services, we give your office or facility a thorough cleaning each and every time to improve the look and the indoor environmental quality of your facility. SPOTLESS Cleaning, delivers the service you expect, with the integrity you deserve. SPOTLESS Cleaning, Cares about Customers, Employees, and the Environment.

  • Green cleaning is often as economical as traditional cleaning. Office Pride offers flexible cleaning schedules based on your needs.

  • Green cleaning increases occupants’ health and productivity, as well as increasing the lifespan of the facility and preserving the environment.

  • In addition to using nontoxic chemicals, SPOTLESS Cleaning, employees are equipped with advanced equipment to facilitate green cleaning, such as microfiber mops and cloths, high filtration vacuums, and specific vacuum attachments.

  • Our uniformed employees take pride in an award-winning safety record. SPOTLESS Cleaning, is fully bonded and insured and OSHA compliant. Material Safety Data Sheets are always kept on-site.

  • SPOTLESS Cleaning, is uniquely qualified to clean floors, windows, carpets, restrooms, upholstery, miniblinds, and much more in a green way.

  • SPOTLESS Cleaning, will also attend to any other special requests you may have.
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