Abdur Rahim Abdullah
Noori Al Balushi
IT Manager

I started as a violinist for the Royal Omani SymphonyOrchestra, after which I moved to the Royal Guard as an officer, then worked in the Diwan as aninformation assistant for the IT department, then moved on to work at the airport as a projectsmanager. After working with Airport I Joined Al Jarwani as an IT Manager. I can now safely say thatthis is my chosen career path! I am currently also doing my Masters in Information Systems.

Talk us through your responsibilities
As an IT Manager I am responsible for all IT devicesinstalled in the company, servers, programming, software installations, application downloads,updating, CCTV, cameras etc. I am the programmer of all software that Al Jarwani utilises and I alsocreate a number of applications depending on the requirement. I look after every problem that maybe a technical IT issue and also train employees. Moreover, all processes at Al Jarwani Hospitality arefully IT controlled.

What about your future plans?
I have begun working on applications of Androidand iOS devices that will enable customers to place orders with us right from the comfort of their homesat any time, or indeed, from anywhere! They will be able to access our services, what we do, check everydetail of our work process; this will be convenient for them as in the event of booking a function, they cancheck on catering and related services and order what else they need. I believe this is easier than bothtelephone and email communication. Orders will be confirmed through an SMS that will be sent to clientsto let them know that their order has been attended to.

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