Fatima Abdullah Al Jarwani
Head of Sales

Give us a background of yourself
I graduated from Process Operation and Engineering,after which I spent another six months in engineering.That was when I decided to change direction and headinto sales! I learnt French before joining here and Iwas trained in every department, from HR to accountsbefore settling in sales. I always say this is where Ifound myself and realised this is what I want to do.

A female Head of Sales isinspirational!
Indeed. I was the only woman in sales when I joinedAl jarwaniHospitality ! today my team comprises of Omani lady sales manager and two Omani malesales executives. It was hard to find another female sales executive , but I believe it is necessary and veryimportant for any company to invest in female potential.

What are the duties you delegateas Head of Sales?
We work together and distribute our focus. Someof us handle banks & Corporates while some of us handle governmental sectors. I am in chargeof tenders, both private and government sectors . Moreover when it comes to events, our utmost priorityis ensuring that every demand of the client is met Wepay full attention to opinions and feedbacks and tryto incorporate them in our services. As a constant development goal, ongoing training of the staff isalways encouraged.

Any new plans for 2016?
We are intending to increase our training programmesin 2016 so as to enhance the skills of the team. I have been involved in training my team personallyand thus delegating them duties and responsibilities based on their interests, attitudes and capabilities.Understanding your workers’ personalities is very important! I aim to make the sales team more efficientand effective.

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