Fatima Ismail Abdul
Rahim Al Baluchi
HR Manager

Give us a background of yourself
I started working at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and then moved on to the Sawadi Hotel as the Recreations Manager. I managed diving centres but later changed to the assistant HR Manager and Sales Manager. After working there for more than 12 yearsI finally joined Al Jarwani inNovember 2011 where I waspromoted from HR Assistantto HR Manager in 6 months itself!

What are the responsibilities you handle?
I am responsible for everything to do with employees, I am in charge of recruitment and training . We recruit fresh Omani graduates and put them through respective training programs. We have a contract with the NHI where they train newstaff and send them backto us. Also we select our candidates from NHI students then place them under ourtraining in our company, I also delegate on the jobtraining for Quality Control.

Future aspirations, if any?
A bigger percentage of Omanis in the work place! Also training programmes abroad might become a reality very soon.

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