Gerald Fonseka
General Manager

Al Jarwani Hospitality‘Al Jarwani Hospitality has been a leader for many years now of Oman’s hospitalitysector, with services and verticals that go beyond the ordinary and tap into theextraordinary to make the lives of its clients wholesome, satisfying and easier thanever before.

We have aimed for the stars in our commercial ventures, our industrialventures, our retail ventures, our healthcare and welfare ventures, because webelieve that it is in delivering innovative ideas, inspired solutions and creativelogistics, we best serve the communities of the Sultanate.’‘The new facility is set to become another feather in the cap of Al JarwaniHospitality. Alongside its enhanced and international standard catering facilities,we are looking to offer all encompassing, complete solutions for the hospitalitysector that will go beyond catering to enter the realm of laundry, cleaning, wastemanagement, pest control, hotel management and logistics.’

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