Ishaq Saeed Al Hasbi
Quality Assurance & Training Manager

Give us a background of yourself
I served in the Royal Guard of Oman for 27 yearsand was in charge of the Public Health departmentwhere I managed catering. I started as a privateinfantry soldier in 1984, after which I did a nursingcourse, followed by a hygiene inspector course inthe Omani army for one year. I was recommendedto go to the Royal Army Medical College in the UKto do a three year course on environmental healthafter completing the hygiene course. I finished in1998, after which I was selected to pursue food safetyexamined by Edexcel in collaboration with the MuscatMunicipality and Sultan Qaboos University. All myqualifications combined confirmed my position inquality assurance! I joined Al Jarwani almost threeyears ago and was impressed by the newness of theexperience, since I had never served regular clienteleand customers before.

Overlooking Quality Assurancemust be a challenge?
It is. Our biggest challenge and priority under QualityAssurance is providing the safest food, always. Weincorporate HACCP standards, as well four ISOcertifications (ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 18000 andISO 14000) to ensure quality assurance and checksat every point. We have to be ready at all timeswhen it comes to food safety in order to combatany abnormality or mishap. Our employees aretrained at the National Hospitality Institute where theyare educated about HACCP standards and foodpoisoning, basic bacteriology, personal hygiene,prevention of contamination, pest control, anemology,cleaning, disinfection and waste management.

What policies will be implemented in 2016?
Our new plan is to send staff abroad for courses.Moreover, our target is to get as many local suppliersas possible. We go to local farms and negotiateproduce with them, instead of resorting to importing.Omanization isn’t just to do with the staff, it’s to dowith the produce and materials as well.

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