Majid Abdullah Al Obaidani
F&B Operations & Quality Assurance and Enhancement (QAE) Manager

Give us a background of yourself
I hold a diploma in hospitality and tourism from Oman, and a food and beverage management diploma from Austria. After studying marketing for a few years I ventured into hospitality, which at that time was a new sector in Oman. Having obtained my diploma in tourism, I was granted a scholarship to continue my education in Austria, post which I returned to Oman and taught students for five years. I have had experience in event management as a venue manager for hosting international events. Now I am a Food & Beverages Operations and QAE Manager with Al Jarwani Hospitality.

What are the responsibilities attached with your position?
I am fully responsible for the setting up of the kitchen in our catering facility. This includes ensuring standards are maintained and implemented in all of our food pipelines, right from purchasing, storage, cooking, delivering and service. I handle 17 Al Jarwani outlets throughout Muscat along with private events and functions.

Any challenges?
I’d say communication with the staff! Other than that the planning and execution of logistics is definitely a challenge, but an enjoyable one because it comes with the job.

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