Head of Administration

Give us a background of yourself
I recently joined the company as the Head ofAdministration. After an experience around 27 years I thought of making a new start of my career pathand look for new challenge. I was working at the capital market Authority. My last designation wasacting director of department of Requirements & Licensing (CMI) and before that I worked in differentdepartments where it gave me a great opportunity to learn and have the knowledge and experience. I haveB.A in Accounting from University of Bedfordshire.

What are the responsibilitiesattached to your position
Being as the Head of Administration I am in chargeof different departments, such Human Resources, Training and public relation. We here paying moreattention on having a good working environment and working in having rules and regulation to help us toachieve our goals. Moreover, dealing day to day work. At Al jarwani Hospitality we are trying implement thebest practice in our career and to add value to the sector.

My challenge
Dealing with a big number of employees it is bigchallenge. Also to be Head of Administration the expectation will be very high and you need to beready for any obstacles. And the most impartment thing you need to have self-encouragement.

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